Pool Maintenance and Repair in Pasadena
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Fessenden Pool Service

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services We Offer


Residential Pool Cleaning and Maintenance:

Your trusted technician will provide quality service on a regular schedule. Let us do the time consuming maintenance so your pool is ready to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Services include:

  • Removal of floating debris
  • Vacuum Pool Floor
  • Brush walls steps and benches
  • visual inspection of all equipment
  • test and balance chemical levels
  • empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  • filter cleaning and backwash
Fessenden Pool Service
Fessenden Pool Service

Commercial Pool Cleaning AND Maintenance

Our commercial Technicians are licensed and insured. Apartments, Condos, Hotels and HOAs can rest assured their pool is in good hands. In addition to the services listed above, Commercial Services include:

  • Maintain water chemistry in accordance with South Pasadena County Heath Department Guidelines
  • Monitor Automated chemical feeding systems
  • maintain accurate log sheets detailing chemical levels for city and maintenance personnel to review
  • provide and inspect proper safety signage and equipment
  • diligent communication with management and maintenance personnel

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

If your pool needs repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our licensed technicians can handle any sort of repair. Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Automation systems, plumbing, lights and more.

Saltwater Pools

There are many benefits to having a salt pool. With proper maintenance, salt pools can provide softer water, additional buoyancy, reduced chemical byproducts, and lower cost of operation. Our technicians are trained to make your salt pool safe and sparkling all year round.

Other services include :

  • Acid wash
  • Fountain service
  • New Pool Start Ups
  • Inspections
  • Consultation

and more. Call today for a free estimate